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These are the characters for the upcoming Silent Hill RP!

Alice, 26, 5'6 with a slightly masculine-looking build. Brunette, pale green eyes. Freckles, leading to an overall unattractive look. She has a cute nose, however, and thick eyelashes. As a child, she was probably adorable.
The pretty irritable owner of a small hotel just outside Silent Hill. The hotel was previously her father's ("All the tourists, none of the taxes of a tourist town!"), and she grudgingly took over the family business. She is inherently suspicious of out-of-season guests, because she was raped when she was 14 by a guest her father housed for cheap to keep up with wintering costs.
She holds many unusual hobbies, such as keeping an herb garden in the hotel lobby area and cooking meals for guests whether or not they desire one.
Her father is currently 59. Although he lives only a few minutes away, he declared himself "retired" at 51 and has refused to set foot in the hotel since. Alice's mother left him when Alice was 11, she currently resides in Minneapolis.

Derek, 24, 5'11 and lanky. He attempts to work out but is too taken in by fad exercises that he ends up disappointed by the results. He bicycles as his only consistent exercise. Dirty blonde with brown eyes and a pock-marked face indicating all-too-recent teenage acne. He thinks he has an attractive smile and uses it to indicate any range of emotions. It's his best attempt to look "charming," but ends up either "possessed" or "schizophrenic."
An up-and-coming internet journalist. He argues that is not a fancier term for "blogger," and constantly tries to weasel his way into some deep investigative reporting situations. Having heard various accounts of cult activity in Silent Hill, he decides to investigate on his own, (modeling his pieces on the incomplete works of Joseph before his disappearance).
He operates in an inherently frenzied manner, and constantly considers his opinions as the only coherent truths in the world. It isn't beyond him to accept the suggestions of others, but he sees them only as suggestions to add to his own lines of logic for his own conclusions.
His failing financial situation has led to him staying in the Cedar Top Hotel, Alice's otherwise guest-less hotel.
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